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Tournament Rules

All games are being held in Tewksbury Public School buildings. For everyone’s safety and to preserve the integrity of the school buildings, we ask that players and supporters remain in the gym area of each school and refrain from moving throughout the buildings. In addition, we ask coaches to instruct players to refrain from bouncing basketballs in areas other than the gym. Tewksbury Boys’ Basketball and Tewksbury Public Schools thank you in advance for your consideration in this regard.

Tournament Locations

Wynn School: 1 Griffin Way, Tewksbury

Ryan School: 135 Pleasant St. Tewksbury

Tewksbury Memorial High School (TMHS): 320 Pleasant St. Tewksbury


Tournament Rules

  1. ALL TEAMS MUST ARRIVE 20 MINUTES BEFORE SCHEDULED GAME TIME. Team’s failure to be on the court and ready to play at the scheduled game time will result in a forfeit.
  2. All coaches, players, and parents are expected to show GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Coaches are responsible for the supporters of their team.
  3. Be prepared to supply a team roster prior to your games and to fill out a scorer’s book.
  4. Each team will supply a scorer or clock operator, both teams are encouraged to have books at the table, however home book is official. Home team is listed first.
  5. For grades 5-8, a full size ball will be utilized: 29.5; a 28.5 size ball shall be used for 4th grade.
  6. Each game will consist of two (2) fourteen-minute halves. There will be a three-minute intermission between halves. If games fall behind schedule, adjustments will be made by tournament officials to get back on schedule.
  7. There will be three (3) time outs per game.
  8. Substitutes must report to the Scorer’s Table and be ready to enter the game when called by referees.
  9. The 10th team foul of each half will result in a one and one. There will be no double bonus.
  10. A player is disqualified on his 5th foul or his 2nd technical foul. A coach is disqualified on his 2nd technical foul and will not be allowed to coach during the remainder of the tournament. If a coach is disqualified he/she will have to leave the gym.
  11. No full court press with a 20 or more point lead.
  12. The overtime period (s) will be two-minute stop time.
  13. Teams are allotted one (1) time out per overtime. No carryover.
  1. 4th Grade Modifications:
    1. Man-to-man defense, no zones, no isolation
    2. Defense begins at the half court line
    3. Pressing last 2 minutes of the game if margin is less than 10 points
    4. On free throws, player may fall over line, but may not be first to touch the ball on the rebound if they do cross the line in the process of the shot
  2. The two teams with the best records for the tournament in each division will play each other for the championship on Sunday.
  3. In the case of a tie, head-to-head match-ups will be used first. Points against will be used to break 3-way ties, but will not eliminate teams from the tournament. Play-in games will be scheduled as necessary. Play in games will be scheduled by 9 pm on Saturday.
  4. Points scored will not be used as a tiebreaker, so should you get up big on a team, remember that it is not in anyone’s interest to blow them out.

If you have any questions during the tournament, please seek out a member of the TBBL Board of Directors who will be wearing TBBL Gray Long-Sleeved Shirts.


You may also contact the tournament committee at