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2020-21 Season Update

TBBL Members – It has been several months since we communicated to our current and perspective members our decision to suspend the 2020-21 season indefinitely due to COVID-19.  As part of that notification, TBBL’s position was to continue to monitor the progression of the virus, vaccine development, and evolving health and safety protocols.

Now that we have come through the holiday season and a very difficult stretch of case outbreaks, seen new cases/hospitalizations begin to recede, along with promising information on vaccine production/distribution, TBBL has been discussing different contingency plans with the anticipation one or more scenarios could come to fruition.

TBBL is exploring the possibility of hosting a summer league in place of our normal winter season.  The season would be scheduled from mid-June through mid-August with games played during the week only and at outdoor facilities such as Livingston Park.  This proposed season would be our 2020-21 season with grade eligibility consistent with this 2020-21 season and school year (similar to how fall baseball worked this past year).  This summer league would be independent of the 2021-2022 season which is scheduled to start in September with its own tryout, team formation, etc. consistent with the grade the kids would be in next fall.   The viability of this summer season would be subject to continuing improvement and control of the virus while adhering to the current health and safety protocols in place at that time.

Thanks to all who completed the survey.  Once we have analyzed the results of the survey and discuss it as a board we will follow-up with additional information.  Thank you in advance for your feedback!